Goldman Scarlato & Penny is investigating claims against Uber on behalf of Uber drivers and customers whose private information was compromised through a massive data breach.

Uber just revealed that over a year ago — in October, 2016 — private information was hacked from a data base maintained by Uber. The hacked information included the names and driver’s license numbers of approximately 600,000 Uber drivers and the names, email addresses, and cell phone numbers of approximately 57 million Uber customers.

Rather than inform Uber’s drivers and customers about the breach, Uber management paid ransom to the hackers in the amount of $100,000 to get them to keep quiet about the cyber-attack.

This latest data breach follows a settlement the company reached with the FTC in August involving Uber’s failure to protect its customers’ private information, and a previous data breach in May, 2014.

If you had unauthorized charges for Uber rides, or experienced identity theft after last October, 2016, you may have a claim. For example, if credit was taken out in your name, or if fraudulent charges, possibly involving rides on Uber you never took, appeared on your credit card, you may have a claim.

If you would like to talk to an attorney to discuss whether your private information has been compromised, or you believe that you are a victim of the Uber Data Breach, please contact GSP to learn more about your rights. GSP attorneys are actively litigating data breach actions against Equifax, Anthem, 21st Century Oncology, Community Health Systems, Athens Orthopedic, Premera, Intuit, Excellus, United Shore, Xerox Mortgage Services, and Target. Please contact Mark Goldman at or call (888) 872-6975 with any questions you may have.

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